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Level Up Guide
Knight -- Elf -- Mage -- Prince(ss)


Levels 1-4

Old info "You could either go around the eastern part of the island and kill weak monster on the beach, or go down to the training area which is located to the south-west from town. There you can hit one of the dummies and while holding mouse button, drag it down to the bottom of the screen and let go. Your character will keep swinging and gaining experience. You can go do something else for awhile until your character is level4. You can gain experience from the scarecrow until level 5, but it's strongly recommended that you stop at level4 and go kill monsters to get 100adena." Old info
-You start in Singing Island. With some eq. The island is nothing different from Hidden Valley. You should follow the same patter as in old info. Get 100 adena for e-bolt, and then you are all set. Don't forget that while you are still in singing island you should tame a Doberman using the healer.

Follow this map to know where to hunt what.

Levels 4-16

With your 100adena you should go down to Gereng who is located south-east from town and buy your first spell - energy bolt. DO NOT go down from gereng's house, if you encounter a shelob, you're dead. Keep walking around the beach and e-bolting monsters. You will kill each of them with 1e-bolt. After you have gained enough money for the rest of 1st level spells, you should buy them. Then you can go north of town and e-bolt werewolves, orc fighters, stone golems for experience. You should get to level16 fairly fast.

Levels 16-28

After you reached level16 you should buy level4 spell books and learn them at chaotic/lawful temples. Fireball and Vampiric Touch are the most important ones. You should also pass the Gereng's quest and get your mana staff. With mana staff, v-touch and one dog you can get to level28easily. Just hit monsters with mana staff while your dog kills it, use the stolen mp to heal yourself and when you're low on hp, v-touch monsters to steal hp.

Levels 28-40+

If you're rich or very lucky, you will get/buy summon monster book by level28. Many people consider werevolves useless but I find them somewhat more helpful than one dog. When 4werewolves are hitting a target, it slows down a lot which helps you if you're a fan of run and e-bolt tactic. Also i think that 4wws do more damage than 1dog, unless its a lv48dog or something. As you get higher level, your summon monsters become stronger, going from werewolves to skeletons to spartoi and finally to bugbears. After that it's all about having fun =)
But if you're one of the most mages who don't have summon available. Or do have it but want to level up a lot faster than with the use of lower level summons, you can do the following - get a doberman, lv25+ dober is very helpful. Hunt with it in lyco area or dv if you have good items. Also you can buy some SOSCs and hunt 2f ML caves in skeleton morph, you can 1-1 monsters and get ok exp. When lvling my mage I used what I like to call the Blietzkreig method which got me from lv17 to lv40 in 5days. If you don't have like 50k adena ready to spend on pots alone, don't try it.
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