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Level Up Guide

Knight -- Elf -- Mage -- Prince(ss)


Levels 1-10

Go up north from the mother tree and hit monsters near elven guardians. They will finish monsters for you. You can get good exp by hitting werewolves and dwarves.

Levels 10-25

When you reach level 10 or so, it's time to go to town. When you get to gludin, go outside of town and kill a few weak monsters for adena. Use adena to buy silver arrows. Then go up into the wasteland and kill undead monsters with silver arrows, you can easily get to level25 on these. When you become higher level, you can go into the ML caves, there's lots of undead there and you will level up fast.

Levels 25-30

At level25 you could continue on leveling up in the caves or you can go to upper dragon valley, the Lycanthrope area. These give good exp and die fast from silver arrows. You can kill them until level30.

Levels 30-40+

Now it's time for DV, undead monsters here give very good exp and also can make you rich fast. If you have good ac and +bow, you'll level up very fast. You can get to level 50 here =), there's no better place in lineage to level up, but be careful and try hunting with a group, very few people can hunt dv alone and succeed.
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