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Level Up Guide

Knight -- Elf -- Mage -- Prince(ss)


Levels 1-10

Old info "You start in Silver Knight's Town, not the best place for a newbie because it's located next to the desert. You should walk around town and kill goblins, kobolds, and orcs. These weak monsters will only take a few hit points from you but give decent experience considering your level. If you have some other character who is a decent level, you can put some items in bank for new knight to take out and use after he became level 5. Don't put anything expensive though because low level characters die very easily and may drop any item because they don't have too much lawfulness. After you are about level 7-8 and have better items, you can go to the south-east of the town and kill orc fighters which give a lot more experience. You can kill these until level10-15." Old info
-After one of the last updates, knight now starts in a place called Hidden Valley. You can still use the "Old info" from lvl 1-10, but after level 10 you get teleported out of the valley and that's why after lvl 20 the level up guide is still usable. In Hidden Valley there is a healer on each gate. Healer will heal you if you ask him. You can bring strong monsters to healer and kill them while healer heals you. Still best way to level up is just kill orcs and dwarfs and such monsters. If you get something better then a dagger like a dwarf sword, you can kill orcs in 1 hit even with 16 str knight. After achieving level 10 you will be teleported out of Hidden Valley. Tip: Cronos (the small boss of hidden valley) spawn in one place. On map, that place is the most south land that you can be on in the Valley. Be careful, there are many human zombies around there.

Levels 10-20

After level 10 you should be able to hit skeletons and werewolves quite easily, you should buy a silver weapon such as silver sword or silver long sword. If you have another character who is higher level, you probably have a +0rapier or can buy one easily. Do not put any +items on the knight though as he can still easily die and lose something worthy. With the silver weapon you can go into SKT caves which are located farther south-east from the town. Skeletons die very fast because of the extra damage silver weapon does on them. You can kill skeletons, werewolves and other monsters in the cave. Floating eyes for example can give you some exp and floating meat which can be used later on for doberman taming. SKT cave can give you enough exp to get to lvl 20 fairly quickly.

Levels 20-30

After level 20 you should tame/buy a dog and move on to Gludio. Buy some red potions and go into the mainland caves, they are located directly to the east of the town. First floor has lots of undead monsters, so your silver weapon will be very useful. Go into an opening in the wall so you fight the monsters one by one and level up. Some people stay on this floor forever and level up on spartoi and skeletons to level40+ but I find it extremely boring after level30. You can kill monsters until you use up all of your potions, then teleport to town, buy more and go do the same thing over and over again until you reach level30 or so,

Levels 30-35

If you are a con knight which in my opinion is the best knight out there, you should have almost 370-390hp by level30. With this many hit points you hunt a lot longer and not use as many potions. You have three choices now. By level30 you should be full lawful so if you ever die you won't drop any worn items. You can put all your items on knight and level up in lower floors of ML caves, I personally like the 2nd floor because most of the monsters are passive to you if you are morphed into skel and you can 1-1 shelob, ungoliant, ghoul. If you bring dogs it will be much easier to kill monsters but watch out because 2nd floor mop has been known for turning on dogs since forever. I myself have spent over 15ressurection scrolls on that floor. Also if someone without morph comes in and monsters seen him but can't get to him, they will attack dogs and morphed players in same room with them. If you get eruption book from shelob, you should sell it and use the money to decrease your ac. You can easily get even to level40 on this floor but I prefer leveling up to 35.
If have good items, lv30 is more than enough to start hunting Dragon Valley. Teleport there from Giran, hunt until your potions are gone and teleport home, you should be gaining lots of greens which don't sell too good but even if you sell for 500 to store in Giran you make up all your potions and make some adena.
Last option levels you up the slowest but you make great amounts of adena. Orc town is the gold mine of Aden. Every tribal orc drops you a totem which can be sold to Lyra for adena. Always hunt here if you're in need of money.

Levels 35-50

From level 35 you can hunt in the Dragon Valley, this place is the place to be. Dragon Valley undead monsters give incredible experience and you can make a fortune on adena and greens they drop. Also if you have good ac and weapon you can go farther into DV and hunt bigger and tougher monsters like cockatrice and drake. Also if you are really strong you can go into DV cave, this is the best place to level up in the game. Also on lower levels there are ettins and muryans which drop enchantment scrolls, blessed if you're lucky. Way down into the cave you can meet succubus and succubus queen. They are very strong but also drop very good spellbooks and coi. On 7th floor of DV cave there is the toughest boss of them all. Dragon Antharas which is virtually impossible to kill even if you go with friends. You can easily get to level49 in DV and DV caves so I guess this is the last place you should lvl up at.
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