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December 1st 2001 - 3:06 PM


Test server, new monster? or bug?/SS contest

-I am going on a 1 day vacation on Sunday so, I will post news I kept for Sunday today.

-Test server, new monster? or bug?
I was hunting werewolf's, dwarf warriors and some shelobs when I encountered a strange monster I have never seen before. Monster looks like dark elf and does about 2-10 damage a hit on -1 ac (Dark Elf does around 20-30 damage a hit on -1ac). Besides the strange damage it had an absolutely amazing name, "???". The monster is found right above small wasteland. It's aggressive. Also there's many shelobs/ungoliants there, as well as werewolf packs. Visit LineageCompendium for some other weird test server news.
Update: After reading LineageCompendium, I think that the monster listed above actually has a name - Minion of Elindare, there is another new monster Serpent of Elindare. More about this at LineageCompendium.
Maybe Elindare is some kind of new boss. 2 monster already have "of Elindare".

-Screen Shot contest
To make my site a little more popular, I will make a small contest every week or so. The winner will receive one of 3 choices, 5 magic gems, 5 bravery potions or 10 greens. There will be no entry fee, but if this contest ever grow into a big zel contest, then there will be probably 1k fee or something. This contest is available only on DEP server right now "VERY SORRY TO KEN PLAYERS". Send in your screen shot here.

Tip of the day: To take a screen shot, press ctrl+p. The screenshot is saved in your lineage directory

December 1st 2001


Test server/Singing Island

-Bug on test server
Today I was playing with my newbie char on singing island.. there is a minor bug on whole island. A player can successfully hit monsters below him when he is standing on a hill. Same goes the other way.

-Dark Mage
The dark mage on singing island will attack you if you attack anything near it. It acts just like Sea Dancer underwater. In case you don't know what dark mage is, its a weak boss like monster on Singing Island. He is easy to kill and will drop adena and normal teleportation scrolls.


Tip of the day: Minimize the AngelFire ad, so it won't reappear.

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