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Lineage Hints

Some of the hints are the mistakes I made before and don't want people repeating while others are just common sense. Feel welcome to send your own hints here.

Game Hints

There is a theory that when you level up on a tougher monster that you kill alone, you gain more hp/mp. No one is completely sure if this is true but.. why not?
Put extra items in your dogs so you don't have to return to town when you got a splint mail or something else heavy. Especially if you still have potions left.
Never run out of mp because that last 5mp can save your life, especially if you forgot the tele home scroll. Never forget teleport scrolls if you play knight.
Never trust anyone in lineage unless you know them in real life or have absolutely zero doubt in them.
Before you buy or sell an item, make sure that you know the price first or you could get ripped off.
Always get better ac before you get better weapon.
Never lend anyone your items even if they seem like your friend. Same goes for you account information.
Never take off your ROTC. If you're in trouble you can always teleport home but if you take it off and die... even full lawful can drop items that aren't worn.
Always keep your hit points high, you never know when a lag spike might come alone or a dark elf walk on your screen and kill you with 2arrows.
When you die and your dogs are attacked, always restart fast to make sure they don't die.
Never hit anyone in front of a guard/ranger.
When you hit a monster, hold the mouse down and drag it down to char section of the screen and let go. Your character will keep swinging until the monster is dead.
Never hit a floating eye when elder is near. Vice versa.
Never hunt when you have lag.
Don't carry your ropc with you, use it to morph and leave it in storage. Or even better, use sosc. If you are full lawful the sosc will last 30 minutes on you.

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