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January 12 2002 10:30 PM




Tip of the day: Visit Awesome Lineage every day!

January 4 2002 10:30 PM


Test server wipe

-Test server wipe
There was a wipe on test server because of all the duping going on with the weird lag. News on December 25th had some info about that lag. Anyway, the whole server was reset and all chars/items and everything. But instead of making less ppl play on the server, even more ppl came.. I guess its because of everyone being equal now... I would be one of the strong.. but I can only play around 5 hours - 10 hours a day because of work.. I guess I'm not as rich as some people who play 24/7. Good luck to everyone who plays on test server.. And don't forget.. if you find a bug.. report it... don't abuse it... it will only either bring a setback or a wipe. :(

Tip of the day: Test server drops are about the same as they were on normal servers during the Christmas event.

December 31 2001 10:30 AM


Happy new year/Review

-Happy new year
Happy new year everyone.. I hope this 2002 will be your lucky year in lineage ^_^.

ESCape magazine posted did a review of lineage. They scored it pretty good. check it out here.

Tip of the day: Say happy year to your friends. Do it only when its December 31!

December 25 2001 6:00 PM



I made a small game... for right now it has nothing to do with Lineage... but soon you will find out exactly how it's connected to Lineage. You don't have to download it or anything, but you do need a flash player plug-in. Play it here. If you want, tell me what you think on the official lineage boards, ill post about this game there. Please give me suggestions on how to improve it! ANY suggestions! You can also e-mail them here.

Also in the game, there is a small cheat.. if you can find the cheat ill give you some kind of a prize or something.

Last week it was impossible to play on US test server because of some kind of strange lag that made buying potions or taking/placing something in storage impossible! Also it took sometimes up to 5 minutes to change characters or receive something you have gotten from a monster!

Tip of the day: Lag Sucks

December 20 2001 7:00 PM


Fight Test server/Mury

-Fight Test Server
Yesterday Lord cutter summoned antharus and fafurion in Giran arena for them to fight. You can say fafurion won the battle because he made antharus hide. After that Lord cutter killed both dragons. I only saw the last part where he was showing the items.

Most of the time muryans don't drop anything good. Until one time they drop...

After I id both enchant scrolls I had b-zel and n-dai from one muryan.

Tip of the day: Siege Heine!

December 18th 2001 9:00 PM


Comr/Test Server/Monitor

Would you look at this. Its for you to figure out if its a very well done fake job or a very lucky person.

-Test Server
NC Interactive did some good job with the npcs in gludin. But for some reason they don't work. You can't sell or buy with them. Also the Deer is now called Reindeer and has a red shining nose. This is only on test server.

Monitor visited the test server today. And someone was brave enough to cancel him from his troll morph.

Tip of the day: Happy New Year Everyone!!

December 16th 2001 9:00 PM


Test server

-Test Server
Many people started playing test server after the drop increase. Over 30 people can be seen on the server some times. The drops are about the same as they were on dep, ken server during the event on Saturday. Play test server and find out the great drops on it! Sometimes its more fun then dep or ken.

Tip of the day: Test server drops are unbelievable

December 13th 2001 9:00 PM



NC and Lineage warcy ( I think ) are hosting a tournament. More info on that here.

I think the tournaments ideas they have are very great and can become to be something special. We haven't had an event which was announced for a loooooong time now.

Tip of the day: Go to the tournaments to win!

December 12th 2001 4:00 PM


Test Server Drops!!!/A farm o.o

-Test Server Drops!!!
Today from 2:50 - 3:30 pm Pacific time Lord cutter ( The game master on test server) said some good things. The test drops will be higher today after the server gets reset sometime this evening. If anyone wants to see exactly what he said, there is a screen shot of all he said below.

-A farm o.o
For the last week farm animals were hanging out near the gludin hotel, I just think it looks just like a small farm.

Tip of the day: Test server is not a safe place to have as your main server, it can reset any time without any warnings.

December 10th 2001 6:25 PM


New comics/Service Update(NC)

-NC released new weekly comics
Read the new comics here. You need acrobat reader to be able to read it.

-Service Update (NC)
NC had a lot of new news today on their main website. Go to to read them.

Tip of the day: I ran out of Ideas!

December 9th 2001 9:25 PM


Vote for Lineage Now!/New SS of the week/Death

-Vote for Lineage Now! has a new vote -
"What is Your PC RPG Game of the Year?" To vote for Lineage go here.

-New Screen Shot of the week
There is a new screen shot of the week.

I added 1 screen shot to the death screen shots. Ill be adding more this week.

Tip of the day: Vote for Lineage!

December 8th 2001 9:30 PM


Cannot Loot

-Cannot Loot
Just wanted to share with you that Korean test server has a very cool loot system, but still not like us server (us sever much better). After you kill a monster you have 10 seconds to pick up the items until any other monster/person can pick them up. If you did more damage against a monster that many people killed only you will be able to pick up the items, and there will be a message like the one above saying you can't loot the item.

Tip of the day: G-heal sometimes heals over 100 hp on full lawful mage.

December 8th 2001 11:30 AM


Servers down? or what?

-Servers down? or what?
Something is wrong with all the servers, many people (including me) couldn't connect to any servers or any official lineage websites (even Korean lineage websites). I lagged out at about 7:10 pm pacific time yesterday. I couldn't connect to lineage in Korea or lineage in us or Korean website or us lineage website. After connecting back in about 10 minutes I saw that most people did not get disconnected but some did. There is no information about this major problem on official website. All I know its not safe to hunt at all if you ever had this problem. Because lag out can come at any time.

Tip of the day: Never hunt when you have lag.

December 7th 2001 5:20 PM


Godly Items/Limit Items

-Godly Items
A person with name "xrangsx" sent me this very nice screen shot. Screen shot contained +8 skull helmet and +9 weapons. He did not specify if the screen shot was taken on Korean Test server, but I would think so since that skull helmet is as hard to make as +14 weapon. Its not safe to + bone items to anything.. so being lucky 8 times making it same as you would be lucky from +6weapon all the way up to +14. Click on the screen shot to see a better copy of it.

-Limit Items
I don't know if many people knew this, but I just found out that there is a limit on how many items you put on the ground. This was probably done so people would not be able to put many candles in 1 spot and make it look like it was day.

Tip of the day: Play Lineage to get items like above!

December 6th 2001 7:00 PM


US test server new update/New NPC discovered!

-US test server new update
There was a text file update which contained text for something. I couldn't read them, I don't' know why but I will try to find out what was in them. Here are the names of those files, "belgeter2-e bridget1-e catty-e gunterw1-e helphnte-e helphntk-e helphntp-e helpnpc-e illdrath-e johan10-e luder2-e PhineasW-e shivan-e tovia1-e vergil-e" You can probably figure out that some of those are the npc files who are already in the game and there are just small corrections. Also you can see that files with "help" in them probably have to do something with in game help (F1).

-New NPC discovered!
After the last update with new monsters, necklace and some new npc, people tried to find all the npcs that were added. Now the 3rd out of 4 new npcs has been found. His name is Tarnac and he also tells you about the Elindare people. He refers to the other npc found Melinda. He is located just outside of skt, if you walk around its gate you can find him. This 3rd npc was found with the help of "Javier Correa Villanueva".

Tip of the day: Lineage Awesome is a great source of unique information about lineage.

December 5th 2001 9:30 PM


Minion of Elindare/Randalf/Comics

-Minion of Eldinare
Some Minion of Eldinare are very dangerous for everyone. There are 2 different kinds, 1 is weak and will not do any high damage against high level players and the other one is strong and will cast tornado which will do about the damage of dark elf's tornado. There is no way to tell them apart except the place you encounter them. Some of the places you will see the stronger type of Minion of Eldinare is Waste land, Dragon Valley and sometimes above Desert.

When you are making a Serpent amulet, Randolf says different things to different classes, its really not that important but for those who want to know what they say to elf, and prince here:

Thanks to
Bram Elschot for this info

NCsoft Released their 3rd comics today.
Go here to read them, you need acrobat reader to do this.
Also if you did not see the #1 and #2 comics go to archive.

Tip of the day: Summon mage is one of the best money makers in Lineage.

December 4th 2001 8:00 PM


New NPC discovered/Variation of Monster

-New NPC discovered
I discovered a new NPC today which was added with the last update. She is located on TI. To see what she says, click the picture on the right. From Gunter cave entrance go up the stone wall until you reach her. It is 2nd of 4 NPC's that were added in the last update. 2 more NPC's still remain undiscovered in the land of Aden.

-Variation of Monster
Today while wondering around the gludin area I found another Serpent of Elindare. He looked exactly the same but the color of her skin was purple rather then green. I guess they are the same as ramias. Also purple Serpents can poison you. 

Tip of the day: Having an orc amulet or Silver Serpent Necklace is very important, it gives free hp which can sometimes save your life.

December 4th 2001 3:50 PM


Dep, Ken server update

-Dep, Ken server update
The updates with 2 new monsters and a new npc as well as some new items came to the normal servers today. This is what exactly came,
2 new monsters:
Minion of Elindare and Serpent of Elindare. They both can be found in Small wasteland, road from gludin to kent, above small wasteland. There is no word on what Minion of Elindare drops. Serpent of Elindare drops 1 new thing, serpents
scales. Drop rate for them is 1/1.
2 new items:
1. Silver Serpent Scale used to make silver serpent necklace.

2. Silver serpent necklace made near TI docks from NPC named randalf. You need 10 scales to make one necklace.

1 new NPC:
The new npc is Randolf. He is located on TI near docks.  (docks are near pandora)
Here is what he says:

In the end, if you have enough scales you can make the necklaces. You need 10 scales to make 1 necklace.

Tip of the day: Always inspect all fan sites/official site after an update. They might have interesting information.

December 3rd 2001 8:00 PM


SKT EVENT!!! (DEP server)

-Silver Knight Town Event
All those cries about having a good event finally paid off in SKT! GameMaster or someone from NC summoned a lot of under water and Heine dungeon creatures at SKT. This was probably done to introduce the new monsters to people who still haven't seen them yet or maybe just to bring some fun to people of Lineage. The event was most great for Mages. Over 100 bbs could be seen in SKT. More bbs then people! Mages fireball everything summoned. Getting their bugbears to kill them. I don't' know of any drops that anyone got, but it sure was fun. I took some screen shots, here they are.

-Some of the monsters that were summoned were, crabman, ramias, turtle dragon, crustaceans. Crustaceans can sometimes kill a bugbear in 3 hits, and bugbear has 28X hp. That means he does around 90 damage a hit!

Tip of the day: Events/Sieges can sometimes be dangerous. Be careful.

December 3rd 2001 4:00 PM


Update, New amulet, Explanation. (Test server only)

There was a text file update a couple days ago which brought 4 new NPC's, a couple new monsters as well as some new items. Right now I only know of 1 npc, that's Randolf which is located on Talking island near the dock. The 2 new monsters are listed in news before. And the new items are Silver Serpent Scale, and Silver Serpents necklace. Any other items are unknown right now.
-New amulet - Updated - 5:31 PM
The new amulet added to the game in last update gives a person who wears it 10 extra hp. This is a very good item for newbies who cannot afford an orc amulet yet. Update : you need 10 Silver serpent scales to make the amulet. That's 8-10 Serpents you have to kill.
I have made a big mistake a week ago or so, I downloaded update from Korean test server, which made it impossible for me to download the update from us server because the client thought that I already have us update. That is why my monster names are a little different from LineageCompendium. I'm going to re-download my installation file today and I hope I can fix my errors by tomorrow.

Remember! This update is only on Test Server right now.

Tip of the day: Best mage roll is 18 con 18 wis 15 int or 17con 17wis 18 int.

December 2nd 2001 10:10 AM


New monster drops, screenshots, who?

-My small vacation was postponed due to rain, here is what I found out today.

-New monster drops, screenshots, who?

-I explored many parts of Aden land today, but found no new NPC's from new text files. The NPC near TI docks did not talk to me. I think he doesn't have English files yet. Since I wasn't able to get my Lang to change to Korean, we'll just have to wait to know what exactly the NPC says.

-I found out that, there are 2 new monsters in the game. One of them is listed in the news for December 1st and the other one is "Serpent of Cerenis". Serpent of Cerenis drops adena and Silver Serpent Scale. The drop rate for his scales is 1/1, meaning he will drop 1 every time, and sometimes 2. He also has a strange attack, some times he wraps around your body as an attack. Doing about 5 hp damage. Here are some more screen shots.

Today the mysterious monster "???" gave me some idea of what he drops.

-Lineage Compendium had some different news about the same subject. For some reason, I and LC see the monster Serpent Of Cerenis differently. They see it as Serpent of Elindare. I will post anything new about this subject here.

Tip of the day: Enter the screen shot contest to win prizes!

December 1st 2001 - 3:06 PM


Test server, new monster? or bug?/SS contest

-I am going on a 1 day vacation on Sunday so, I will post news I kept for Sunday today.

-Test server, new monster? or bug?
I was hunting werewolf's, dwarf warriors and some shelobs when I encountered a strange monster I have never seen before. Monster looks like dark elf and does about 2-10 damage a hit on -1 ac (Dark Elf does around 20-30 damage a hit on -1ac). Besides the strange damage it had an absolutely amazing name, "???". The monster is found right above small wasteland. It's aggressive. Also there's many shelobs/ungoliants there, as well as werewolf packs. Visit LineageCompendium for some other weird test server news.
Update: After reading LineageCompendium, I think that the monster listed above actually has a name - Minion of Elindare, there is another new monster Serpent of Elindare. More about this at LineageCompendium.
Maybe Elindare is some kind of new boss. 2 monster already have "of Elindare".

-Screen Shot contest
To make my site a little more popular, I will make a small contest every week or so. The winner will receive one of 3 choices, 5 magic gems, 5 bravery potions or 10 greens. There will be no entry fee, but if this contest ever grow into a big zel contest, then there will be probably 1k fee or something. This contest is available only on DEP server right now "VERY SORRY TO KEN PLAYERS". Send in your screen shot here.

Tip of the day: To take a screen shot, press ctrl+p. The screenshot is saved in your lineage directory

December 1st 2001


Test server/Singing Island

-Bug on test server
Today I was playing with my newbie char on singing island.. there is a minor bug on whole island. A player can successfully hit monsters below him when he is standing on a hill. Same goes the other way.

-Dark Mage
The dark mage on singing island will attack you if you attack anything near it. It acts just like Sea Dancer underwater. In case you don't know what dark mage is, its a weak boss like monster on Singing Island. He is easy to kill and will drop adena and normal teleportation scrolls.


Tip of the day: Minimize the AngelFire ad, so it won't reappear.

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